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Usually you will be referred by your GP who can send electronic referral to your hospital of choice. Referral letter can be also send to or you can make appointment yourself directly. If you are making appointment yourself without GP referral, it would be beneficial to bring all relevant medical documentation and imaging you have. However it is advisable to inform your GP about this appointment if possible. If you are insured please make sure you contact them prior consultation.

Self-funding patients

For self-funding patients please contact hospital reception desk for fees applied and to get information about inclusive care package.
Please note if you desire further care to happen in NHS then you must be a resident of following areas. Edinburgh, Lothian, Borders, Forth Valley, Dumfries & Galloway, Fife. Mr. Sokol and Mr. Liaquat have NHS practice in Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Preparing for and having surgery

Having surgery is very demanding and stressful moment in life and it is important to have all information and facts about it. Please make sure you feel you have enough information and detailed discussion with your consultant. Generally you should be also provided with leaflet about your surgery. Everybody having general anaesthesia will require assessment and blood tests organized by admission department. At the day of the surgery you can not eat 6 hours and drink 4 hours before having anaesthesia. You will meet you consultant anaesthesiologist and consultant neurosurgeon who will answer any further questions you may have. You will be asked to sign consent with procedure.
Depending on surgery you will be mobilised fairly soon and encouraged to resume usual self-care routine as soon as possible. Once we are assured you can manage at home you will be discharged with instructions about wound care, outpatient physiotherapy and follow up with your consultant.
You will be given some pain medication and discharge letter will be send to your GP. You will not be able to drive home. In case of lumbar surgery, it is advisable to limit sitting only for short periods of time for about 2 weeks generally for meals and bathroom. Walking is encouraged. Please avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects for about 6 weeks. You will see your consultant in about 6 weeks post-surgery for follow up.